Forest Higashi Karate Kai

The new Forest Higashi opened on Tuesday September 8th, following the closure of our club at Durning Hall.

The new venue is in Buckhurst Hill, which is a much, much nicer area. Easy to get to and with ample and safe parking.

Most of the club members turned up for the first session, and the dojo got a good 'testing'. The lighting was good, but it was a little warm. Opening the windows helped and the rest of the session was better. Still some sweat though!

The key-holder opened up for us 15 minutes early and was on time to lock up.

Unfortunately Sue and I had to zoom off home, but the rest popped around the corner to the Pelly Club for a pint.

We are starting our first beginner's course on Tuesday September 22nd, when we hope we'll get a few extra members.

Visitors are naturally welcome at any time.