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Kumite and Kata Course - February 2024

February sees the birthday of HKK Chief Instructor Steve Bell (7th Dan) and this year we celebrated by holding a training course in Reading at the Meadway Centre on Saturday 3rd.

The day started with HKK Squad Manager Jerome Kumedzina (4th Dan) - also EKF Squad Coach - running a top class kumite course which was well attended despite most of the Squad already up in Sheffield for the National Kyu Grade Championships the next day. It was a morning of learning for all and a great opportunity to train with a top coach and his team with Sami Omar (2nd Dan) and Max Millard (2nd Dan).

In the afternoon a different group of people arrived for the training session and were split into 3 groups rotating around different instructors.

Steve Bell and Michael Clancy (7th Dan) from Ireland concentrated on the Higashi katas and their applications. While Sue Skinner (7th Dan) and Steve Gibbs (7th Dan) worked on the more traditional Wado Ryu katas such as Wanshu and Seishan.

Jon Dunn (6th Dan) and Michelle Dunn (5th Dan) from Wales taught weapons (Eskrima sticks and knife awareness) and did some joint locks and takedowns.

There was a lot of great feedback from all involved and it was a nice relaxed atmosphere with plenty of learning.

All the instructors gave their time free of charge and instead of charging course fees asked for donations to Cancer Research and collected an amazing £310.

Finally, at the end of the day awards were made to 3 special people:

Naomi Wyatt (another cancer survivor!) was upgraded to 5th Dan

Bill Clewlow upgraded to 6th Dan

Colin Bell upgraded to 6th Dan

We will celebrate the upgraded senior grades in a separate post to be published soon.

Afterwards we celebrated with a gig in The Prince in Tilehurst with Definitely 90’s providing great entertainment.

Look forward to seeing you all again soon and thanks to all that came to make it a memorable weekend.

-- Steve Bell, HKK Chief Instructor

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