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HKK Kata Course and Grading - June 2023

HKK Kata Training Course held at the Maldon dojo in Essex. This was the first time that we published a schedule for the day outlining what would be covered and I think this made a big difference. With the structure for the day in place, we covered quite a lot and the time simply flew past. The training day itself was comprehensive with the whole class covering the pinan katas after a good blast of basics to start with before moving on to grade appropriate kata work. Rest assured there was a suitable amount of push ups performed as people's brains started melting! After a short break the second session continued in the same vein until Sensei Bell gathered us together and we went through one of our traditional mind bending end of training exercises (this time pinan nidan starting to the right with alternating height punches and kicks on forward steps). I really thought we were only half way through - but it was the end of the session! Those three hours flew past! And then it was time for the grading, with the students being put through their paces in a rather warm dojo on what was the hottest day of the year up to that point!

Congratulations go to the following:

Jodie Edinburgh (Maldon)

Confirmed SHODAN after a long break away from training.

Liridona Spahija (Luton)


Well done!

It was a great day's training and it was great to see students attending from Wales, Swindon, Luton, Whitley, Dockham, Yateley, Middlesborough and, of course, Maldon!

And of course, huge thanks to all the senior grades who helped to organise, teach and coach on the day - Steve Bell, Sue Skinner, Jon Dunn, Steve Gibbs.

Next event in the calendar is the Kihons and Kumite session in Swindon on 22nd July with Jon Dunn from HKKW instructing and Paul Cullum hosting.

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